Bug: Consolidated Financial Statement (cash flow) - multi-currency value not converted

Discovered a bug at the Consolidated Cash Flow report when child company has different “default currency” as the group company.

In the screenshots below, the single Malaysian company cash flow report (in currency MYR) on the left is correct.

However, in the screenshot on the right, when consolidating into a Singapore group company cash flow report (in currency SGD), some values are not converted.

For example, “Net Change in Accounts Receivable” is RM-10.00 and is changed to S$-10.00.
This is wrong because RM-10.00 should be changed to S$-3.26 (or some other number depending on exchange rate).

The issue here is that the currency symbol is changed from “RM” to “S$” correctly, but the value is not converted at any exchange rate at all.

It’s like changing INR10 to USD10.

I have the same issue