[Bug] document in list view are not shown for Sales Order, Purchase Order, Quotation

Hi there,

for some reason after last update on develop branch it’s not possible to display Quotation, Order List, see pic:

schermata 2017-07-29 alle 00 09 29

i’ve 2 quote in database:

schermata 2017-07-29 alle 00 09 42

1 purchase order:

3 Sales Order:

No errors are shown in console and frappe.log

FRAPPE 8.6.3

Can you please double check?

Opened and issue as well:


I can confirm bug found after applying patch: frappe.patches.v8_x.update_user_permission

thanks for reporting, we have already fixed the issue in [minor] set apply_for_all_roles to 1 in update user permissions patch by mbauskar · Pull Request #3809 · frappe/frappe · GitHub.
Although you will need to manually reset the permission for the Sales Order doctype

@makarand_b thx for the hint, from where i should reset manually the permissions?


from Role Permission Manager

@makarand_b Thx, it seems other doctypes have same problem; PO, QUO, SI …seems all the roles having if Company is permitted.

Is that correct?