Bug: drag and drop does not work in chrome (or opera)

drag and drop does not work in chrome (or opera),
it does work in firefox and edge
i also tested opera and neon (who are also based on chromium), and it does not work, so I am confident that this feature does not work in all chromium based browsers.
I used up to date versions of all.

I also experience strange ‘scrolls’ if I want to edit something in a table. The page scrolls up, and I have to manually scroll down to go back to the edit field.

On which browser does erpnext team develop?
any fix for this?


Our developers use Chrome and I also use Chrome to access ERPNext accounts.
And it works fine for us. :sweat_smile:

Ah strange, maybe it has to do with addons?
I use the lastpass password manager

I tested chrome without addons in incognito mode, but still same problem.

Finally a workaround for this problem:

“Unlike Internet Explorer 10, Chrome was not designed for touchscreens. As such, the touch experience on Google’s browser really sucks: Tabs are hard to close, icons in the bookmarks bar are hard to tap, and scrolling using touch is a struggle. If you have a new Windows 8 touchscreen laptop (or tablet PC), you don’t have to give up on your favorite browser. These experimental features and extensions can make using Chrome without a keyboard more doable–at least until Google makes Chrome natively more touch-friendly.”

Point Chrome to URL:


Then disable the following:

see https://github.com/dbushell/Nestable/issues/92

On what machines/OS are you working?
These problems seem also related to touch devices.
For example I a working on a hybrid pc/tablet with windows 10


we use ubuntu and Mac OS. You will get better experience of ERPNext if you use these OS.

I use ubuntu on the server, and windows on the desktop.

As still >90% of all users use windows for their business applications, the product should be really tested primarily on windows.
Also with the touch-friendly pos system, more and more erpnext users will encounter the abovementioned problems.

We try to support standard systems as much as we can.
We don’t get a lot of bug reports from desktop touchscreen users though.

If you find solutions to these bugs, we are happy to pull in your fixes. :slight_smile:

For now it is best to use microsoft edge browser on windows 10 to avoid these issues

I have noticed the abrupt scrolling on chrome for Windows 10 since v5. (Desktop w/ touchscreen, using mouse)