Bug Found While Creating Material Request


I have created a material request using production planning tool.

My MOQ was 30 for item X but for manufacturing item Y I need only 1 quantity to manufacture Y. As there is 30 quantity mentioned in the MOQ therefore when I ran Production Planning Tool it generated the request of 30 quantity as shown below

Item Quantity
X 1
X 29

Now as because this Material Request was created automatically and already submitted we cannot change it.

Now while creating Purchase Order it gives error for Minimum Order Quantity because it should be 30. Now when I delete 1 line of X and make another as 30 it says you should put allowance percentage.

Please fix this bug as soon as possible.

I was able to replication this issue at my end as well, and have understood the cause of it.

In the Material Request, two rows are added for an item, with different qty. This is for two purposes:

  1. To get total qty of an item matching with Minimum Ordered Qty.
  2. To update Sales Order No., only in the row of an item having required Qty for manufacturing.

While creating Purchase Order, validation for the allowance is because you are merging two rows of an item into one, which makes sense. But this leads to increase of Qty for one of the row of an item, compared to Material Request.

You can bypass that validation by updating Allowance Percentage in the Item master. But that won’t be holistic approach, as system will still show another row in the Material Request as pending to order.

Following are the alternatives available to proceed forward.

  1. Mention allowance percentage in the item master. In Purchase Order, merge two items rows into one. With Allowance Percentage in item master, you will be able to proceed with Purchase Order. Though it will still show row of another item in Material Request as unoredered, which cannot be attended/fixed for now.


  1. Have two separate rows for an item in the Purchase Order as well. I understand that it could be confusing for the Supplier. But you will also need to do it in case you are purchasing same items, but for different Projects. With this, you will also have Material Request fully updated as ordered.


  1. Do not mention Sales Order in the Production Planning Tool. Then you will have only one row an item added in the Material Request, with item’s minimum order qty updated as Qty.