Bug in bulk cancel sales invoice

I have tried to cancel 20 paid invoices as bulk.
got me below MSG

So to cancel 1x invoice works and you resolved this Payroll entry submit error - Request Timed Out

A timeout points to a firewall, closed port or service not running, the logs on the server will resolve that case.

Any way to fix this?

I am sorry, I have tried to search some guide for this, but did not find.

See also here Sales Invoice Timeout Issues

The problem is when we do back dated sales invoices.

Some times as a migration process, we need to make back dated sales invoices.

So after done lots of reading, I can say this is because , ERP next need to recalculate stock ledger again for back dated sales invoices. So it takes some time, So if we can find a way to keep hold until server finish the work, then we can avoid time out.