Bug in chart of accounts

I have a problem in my charts of accounts and the balance in the foreign currency accounts, the account in the foreign currency has the correct balance in general ledger, but in charts of accounts their have a balance in the company currency account, and in the father, account take the incorrect balance. in the chart of accounts must be zero, but it has abalance even I had to make an exchange currency transaction in the payment entries

Hi Sally
As i understand you have A Turkey Bank

  • one account with currency Lira
  • and a other with Dollar
    you make exchange currency transaction in payment entry between Lira and Dollar
    so Lira should be zero … and it appear in General Ledger as Zero , but in Chart of account it have value

Yes , the problem in the Turkey Bank Account , this account in a lira Turkey currency , but my company currency is Dollar , so make the transactions in lira this account , and the account in its currency has the correct balance " zero" after the transactions and its shows in General ledger , but in chat of accounts shows me that the account has balance 68.66$ Dr., and this balance count in company balances, and give me Big Mistake in the Bank accounts .

need to know this issue is accounting mistake or programming ??

When you view your account balance in chart of accounts what you see is the difference between Dr and Cr entries. So if you open your ledger and sum the credit and debit entries i am sure you will arrive at the same balance difference as you see in chart of accounts.

when i open the general ledger of the account , shows me the balance in the account currency and have a different balance . it shows the " Zero" balance , because the transactions in this account made by a Lira Turkey , so the account balance in general ledger is correct , and in chart of account the balance of the account in Lira Turkey zero but the Dollar Balance is not Zero that equal the Lira Turkey .

There is no problem in ERPNext. You are making your transactions wrong. You need to post correct exchange rates and exchange rate gains or losses for every transaction or do month end revaluations.

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Faced similar issue with a client. After thorough check found client had done entered incorrect local currency amount. Check each JV for local and fx currency. You would find something there.