Bug in ERPNext update?

Hi, I’ve created a new print format for sales invoices and put it into erpnext/accounts/print_format folder, and commited it to my fork. Then I installed erpnext on a new site. (bench --site sitexxxx. install-app erpnext ) It worked well, except for a mistake i did in the print format. So I fixed it and pushed it again,created a new site and installed erpnext again.

But the mistake was still there. The json-file on the server wasn’t updated by the installation routine.
Did I forget sth or is it a bug?
(The push didn’t fail. The fixed file was on my git server)

@eldorim, it’s sound like a bug in your aproach!

It’s not clear to understand what is going wrong!

But my tip, keep your customizations in a separated app, it will reduce any headache in updates.

Take a look in fixtures.