Bug in features that use translation in Spanish?


This is a bug I could live together with, but sometimes this causes entering of information to be slow.

The poblem is originated in combobox searches.

I have ERPNext in Spanish. To reproduce the problem, we can use one combobox, for example, the Form Customization.

  • Load Customize Form page. A page with a combobox is shown.

  • If I write “Cotización” in the search box, this is found:

That is not a real problem, because, even found items are displayed in English, the search text was entered in Spanish.

  • However, not all elements have direct translation. For example, I wasted a lot of time trying to get the form for the items that are part of the quotation.

When I saw Quotation Form, I saw that the doctype for the items are “Quotation Item”. But if I use “Quotation Item” in the combobox search box, it is not found, since I can search only in Spanish.

Well, after a lot of attempts, I have found that the correct word I should use was “Presupuesto”. That way, the correct form could be loaded:

In Spanish, both “Cotización” and “Presupuesto” could be equivalent to “Quotation” in English.

The person who translated this was not consequent. Sometimes he used “Cotización” and other times he used “Presupuesto”.

To solve the problem, I think that the form should display the doc type in the language ERPNext is in, for example , in this part:

Or maybe, if that column shows “Quotation Item”, the combobox should be able to be searched using that same name also.

This problem exists all over the site, for example, I have created a Lead. From there, I created a Quotation. When Lead data was copied into Quotation data, the type of order was set to “Sales”, but when I tried to save the quotation, an error telling that “Sales” type is not recognized. I changed to “Ventas” (“Sales” in Spanish) and it worked.

Can some developer comment something about this, please?


Thanks for reporting this - I urge you to report your observations on Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub to determine the expected behaviour here.

You probably want to rule out whether the translation is part of the problem, for example inconsistent use of standard identifiers that lead to confusion. In that case then the translation should be audited to fix this?

Thanks @clarkej… I have posted a detailed issue here: Problem with Spanish translations · Issue #18046 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub