Bug in Loan DocType

Dear All,
Good Day,

I am Using the Latest Version 11 of ERPNext, and I have found a bug in the HR Module.
Specifically, in the “Loan” DocType. Please allow me to demonstrate.

1- Once I have Submitted the “Loan Application”, I clicked on “Loan” Button to create the Loan.

2- A new Loan page is opened, so I continue to fill the DocFields. I clicked on “Repay from Salary” to make the Repayment Method go through the Payroll.

3- Most of the Data is automatically Filled by the Data filled in “Loan Application”.
I filled the Repayment Method and The Accounting Information.

4- As shown in the Screenshot, the Table for the repayment is empty while the status of the Loan Record is still “New”.

5- After Clicking “Save”, the Table appears to be empty and the Total Payment field as well.

6- I clicked on “Submit” to find out if the table would be activated once it is Submitted.
But nothing changed, rather the table was hidden.

I have tried the exact steps on Version 10 of ERPNext, and it works perfectly, even with the “Repay from Salary”.
Please inform me if I have missed a step to activate the Repayment Method through Payroll.
If I have done all the Steps correctly, then Please Help me Fix this Bug.
Thank You


So this is not a bug. You have to change the status from ‘Sanctioned’ to ‘Disbursed’. Once this is done it will automatically prepare the repayment schedule.