Bug in merge two items in version 13.3

There is a bug in merge item in v13.3 , for example we have 2 pcs of item A in stock and no stock for item B . if we merge item B with item A after merge when we open item B in stock level doesn’t show that 2 pcs and in stock level show “No Stock Available Currently”.
but when we open stock balance show 2 pcs of item B available .
i checked in 2 different site and it was same problem .


Not sure whether is a bug or it is design this way but I have same issue.
I have Item A merge with Item B, Item A has 7 unit, item B has 5 unit, after merge, stock level show " No stock Available Currently". Is it design to behave like this??


After further testing, the quantity are actually combined. it showed the correct combined quantity which is 12 in Stock >> Stock Balance.

However, at Product page >> Stock Levels still showing “No Stock Available Currently”


I am using version v14.16.1 and the same behavior is happening

Edit: there is this Github Bug

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