Bug in Payroll Entry?

Good day all

I am running
ERPNext: v13.49.11 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.52.0 (version-13

Before I log this as an issue I thought it would be wise to check if anyone else has encoutered

Employee : EMP-0001
Two projects PROJ-A ; PROJ-B
TIme sheets generated :
TS-001 for PROJ-A 1-hour
TS-002 for PROJ-B 1-hour
TS-003 for PROJ-B 1-hour
( all time sheets in the same period )

When I do Payroll Entry for EMP-0001 and PROJ-B , then all time sheets are processed
onto the payslip. ALso, the Journal entry is all on PROJ-B (3 hours), even though some
of the cost should actually be journalled against PROJ-A.

I am expecting that PROJ-A be excluded from the payslip, seeing that I entered the desired
project-accounting dimenstion as PROJ-B.

So my expectation is to find a payslip with only TS-002 , TS-003 on and a Journal for only 2 hours.

Anyone else experiencing this ?

Hello there,
Any solution to the issu described here?