Bug in Pricing Rule

I think there is a bug in pricing rule, or maybe I’m missing something

1- I defined a pricing rule for an Item, I set a minimum quantity for this rule to be applied
2- if a create a sale order and add the item then the rule apply perfectly based on min qty; however, if i try it in POS when I add the item it apply the discount even when the minimum qty is not meet

Any idea?

I suggest you add a Github issue. Please specify the version number of frappe, erpnext, etc.

Erpnext version 7.0.21
frappe version 7.0.18
bench version 4.1.0

I just need someone else to confirm its a bug before i raise Github issue

Yes, it maybe a bug because, recently POS module received update in which devs might missed this point.
@ganas Go ahead and open an issue, Thanks for reporting.

Yes I’ve just tested it…the pricing rule is fetched after qty is changed, not automatically after item is added…

Hi @ganas,

This issue has fixed, kindly check

Thanks, Rohit

Hi @jof2jc,

It’s working, what minimum quantity did you added in pricing rule?

Thanks, Rohit

I put 1 as min.qty…it gets applied after qty is changed

Hi @jof2jc,

Can you provide the GIF?
I hope you are on latest version.

Thanks, Rohit