Bug in Purchase invoice creation

This looks like a bug, but I’m not sure. Basically you can create multiple purchase invoice. I accidentally created one purchase invoice from “Buying > purchase order” tab and another one from “stock>purchase receipt”. Below is the two invoice from the same purchase order. That too I was able to create Purchase invoice after it was even paid.


Purchase Order should be origin doc for all transactions. Can you check if you made two different cycles?

So, is it that we should not create purchase invoice from stores ?

Also, one more thing.It seems there is no back button in the new 4.5 version …!


Now I’m completely confused. This is with 4.5 version. I have only one PO, that’s it. But I have able to make three purchase invoice and pay for it. Please look at the screenshot. I made one form Buying module, another one from the stores module and third one from the account module and pay them all against the single purchase order.


Below is the invoice image