Bug in Sales Person

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After I created a sales person, I click on the ‘edit’ to enter further details such as sales target. But whenever I tries to save I will receive the error for example,

Another sales person with the same employee id exists.
Sales Person Kelvin Lee already exists


This this the validation message. When creating a Sales Person, you have to provide link of Employee master for respective sales person. Error message says that Employee selected in the existing Sales Person master is already linked with another Sales Person master as well. Please check if this is the case.

I am new to ERPNext and wondering whether this “Another Sales Person xxxxxx exists with the same Employee id” issue has been fixed yet?? because I am experiencing a same problem when ring to create a new same person as a group. I am using V12. Thanks


I checked in my v12 test instance and could not replicate it as a bug. As mentioned earlier, this is a validation message. It is shown when you link an Employee ID in the Sales Person master and this employee ID is already linked with another Sales Person.

No two Sales Persons can have the same employee ID. Please check and confirm.

Hope this helps.

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for getting back to me.

Try this sequence and see whether it happens to you.

  1. I created a few Sales Teams (as group) and had no problem.
  2. I added one of the employee in to one of the Sales Teams and had no problem.
  3. I tried to add another Sales Team (as group) then error occurred and won’t allow me to create new group
  4. I delete that employee, it allows me to create a new group
  5. I tried to add another new group, the error occurs again … (below is the error I got when I tried to create Team E)


Hope I explained clear.



Hi Henry, can you explain the step you followed here? Do you mean Sales group in Sales Order or something?

Sorry Michelle,

What I mean by “group” is checked the “Group Node” ckeckbox during the process of creating new sales person


Henry Ho

Good morning Michelle,

I’m wondering whether you can replicate the issue.

It doesn’t allow me to create any further sales person.

I am running in the following circle