Bug in Shortage Quantity?


Wanted to check if this is a bug in the calculation for Shortage Qnty.

In the example attached, Projected qnty for the second and third item is -1. Shouldn’t the shortage Qnty be 1? Am I missing anything here?

Thank you,


This happens when both the reorder level and the reorder quantity are zero. Currently this means you don’t need the item at all, thus no shortage…
Just set the reorder qty to something other than zero (e.g. 1) and everything should work fine.

In most cases, I would not want to keep any stock and hence it might not make sense to keep reorder at 1. Since my projected quantity is already negative, would it be obvious that I am short by that quantity? Somehow the logic is not making sense.


If you don’t want to keep stock, just set the reorder level to zero and reorder qty to 1. This way you will only see shortage if projected qty is negative.
The reorder level is the minimum qty you want to keep in stock. So setting it to 0 means you don’t want to keep any stock, but want to have it reordered if needed (i.e. projected qty is negative).