BUG: Job Card need Operation Row number


I have ERPNext (version 13-develop()) on docker. When I want to create a Job Card the Operation need some Raw Number . But I can’t introduce manually a value and neither I have a list of suggestions. It is an known BUG? And how can I solve it?

Can you please share the screenshot of the work order MFG-WO-2020-00002 with operations, also you can create the job card from the work order so that system link the job card properly with the work order.

Sure, here are the screen shots:

I have same problem and solve by…
Remove operation and reselect again it will work.

The same thing happens on version 12 when I try to import Job Card instead of creating them from Work Order. This happens when I don’t check “Submit After Import” checkbox.

ERPNext: v12.18.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.15.0 (version-12)

When Data Import is used to enter Job Card, Operation Row Number generates an error.

If Submit After Import is checked before importing, Job Card is submitted but not works and has no effect on Work Order

But if the Operation is re-selected manually, then there is no problem as seen in the second screenshot.

Do you have any comments @rohit_w?