Bug - Not able to customize Payment Terms for Suppliers

Dear all,

we have a problem with the Payment Term Templates.
I created them but I am not able to choose them in the Supplier view.


That’s why I tried to customize the Payment Terms in the Supplier view in order to choose a list view instead of a simple text field.
But somehow I am not able to do that. If I change something I get the following error report:

If I try to delete for example row 21, I am also not able to do that. I think this is a bug because I am not able to overcome this problem.

Could you please look into that?

Thanks in advance,


You need to change field name for one of this fields
What is the message when you save doctype after delete or rename one of them ?!

When I try to delete or rename and click on update I always get this error that I posted above. So it is not possible to change anything.

Payment Term or Payment Terms Template?

You need to check your write permission on this doctype
Please check the JSON file of the doctype after saving, and check if it is updated or not

I have all the permissions, and in this case the permission to delete, to customize and so on. Still, it does not work and the system does not save my changes.

Here, I deleted row 21 which contained the Payment Terms.

Afterwards I click on update and I get this error:

So even though I have full permission, I am not able to delete this field.
For my colleague, who has the same permissions, it doesn’t work either.

What else could be the problem?
What could we try to do?

Did you click Reload button to clear cache? You will find it under your/username on top right of the page. Left of Help button. Sometimes this helps.

This doesn’t work either…It really is a problem because we can’t apply any new supplier.
What else can we do?

Don’t you have any other solution?

Try making the change in Setup → DocType instead of through the form.

Also check to make sure this is the only DocType that uses payment_terms.

change credit date in payment term template ,last column after selecting payment term