Bug: Only System Manager role can see received emails

All our admin users are able to access all emails sent and received on our linked email accounts, however anyone who does not have the role “System Manager” is unable to - they will simply have an empty inbox. Outside of their assigned roles, all users are setup exactly the same. All have the email inboxes assigned in the User setup.

I have tried to find where in the code this would be validated but I can’t see anything obvious. I have tried copying the most obvious permissions (anything email related) from the System Manager to other roles, but that doesn’t work either.

Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated as I don’t want to be giving non-admin users the System Manager role! We are currently on Frappe v10.1.21 and ERPNext v10.1.20.

Maybe you need to provide user permissions for the Email Account.

Where would that be? I can’t see anything about user permissions in any of the email account settings, and all users have the email accounts listed in their user settings.

Same problem for me