[BUG] Pricing Rule Currency

I have found a bug where the currency conversion done with a pricing rule is being done when it shouldn’t be.

I’ve created a video to demonstrate:

Effectively, I have a Pricing Rule created to set an Item price in USD. My company currency is CAD.
If I try to create a PO for that item with that Supplier, the price grabbed by the Pricing Rule is placed into the CAD currency, and the price that will get charged to the customer is converted from that price. In this case, the actual price (in USD) is $1.00, but the PO shows $USD 0.76. The Price List and Supplier both have currencies set to USD.

Any suggestions?


I think the Price List Rate is always displayed in the company currency. Maybe that is the cause of confusion?

You may be right, but it should not be that way. The price list has a currency field, so any prices on that list should be in that currency.

It’s also not particularly valid to do that because exchange rates are always shifting…

Hi Ben,

Here is a note at the end of the pricing rule screen:

About currency conversion on price list, would need more thought on that as it is kind of master data and I am not sure if we wish to do currency conversion on that and maintain another field to store transaction currency along with company currency for it as we are already maintaining both currencies at transaction level which accounts for rate changes

Thanks for linking that. I hadn’t noticed it before. However, the rate field isn’t the one getting updated. The base_rate is getting updated to the value saved in the Pricing Rule, which I think is incorrect.

So it should be displayed clearly that the currency in pricing rule list is the company currency :wink: