BUG: Purchase Receipt Accounting Ledger

I’m a little stuck on this.
I have a couple of Purchase Receipts(sporadic happening) where the Amount indicated is different than what was posted in the Accounting Ledger. In this example my PREC amount is 1,880.00CNY. My accounting ledger has a debit and credit of 253,985.1080 . I’m not sure where this 253,985.1080 comes from. The associated purchase invoice was also already paid for. Can someone please help?

I’ve attached screenshots.

What is your default currency? Can you check if its posted in default currency and correct exchange rate

Default currency is CNY. journal entry posting is in CNY.

@ushashmi, this is a pretty big bug and is affecting my financial reports. What can I provide to help with fixing this bug.

I have never encountered that. Can you plz open currency and price list section in your purchase Receipt and check what exchage rate and price list exchange rate has been applied

do you have update about this problem? I have same problem