BUG report v11 Total entry is more than actual total

I noticed there’s a bug in the report builder;

  • Report Builder
  • Is Standart: No

I open a report and I select ‘More…’ until all data are load (51 of 51). Then, I go back and re-open the report, the total is 64 of 51 (entry duplicates themselves).

Has anyone have this issue/found a way to fix this?


Hi @mel_erp,

not sure if this is the same thing, but I have noted in ERPNext v11.1.25 that the report build shows wrong column totals as well.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create timesheets
  • use timesheet > report build and create a report with the total and detail hours
  • apply a filter (e.g. project or employee)
  • display all values
  • export to Excel: you will note that the exported total is different to the one shown

Report Builder (extract):

Export (same extract, Menu > Export):

It seems like the issue might arise from a duplicated ajax call…

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Hello, same issue here, total value is inconsistent alongside with other issues ([bug] Multiples issues in report builder · Issue #14803 · frappe/frappe · GitHub).

ERPNext v11.1.22
Frappe v11.1.23

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