[BUG] - Status in sales invoice list wrong


i noticed that program show wrong status in list view.

Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice List view

did you checked if there is any credit note issued or outstanding amounts ? or there is any returns had been made at this invoice and should be paid

This is for all list below. It is happening on every new Invoice. This was starded 20 days ago, after i did update. I am on the latest bench. Also there is one more problem. There are couple invoice that i can’t cancel. Message that apear is erpnext Debit and Credit not equal for Sales Invoice diference is 0.5. I never had this kind of problem.

May I know what is the version of your ERPNext account?

If it is on develop, it could be related this.


Installed Apps
ERPNext: v9.x.x-develop (0f97eda) (develop)

Frappe Framework: v9.x.x-develop (7506c49) (develop)

I don’t have this rounding amount problem on invoice.

Sorry @umair. Now i realize that i have problems like in post that you share. I will continue there with writting

In sales invoice that i can’t delete is everything ok with amount. She is not visible in report but i can’t cancel it.

you can delete those tow invoices by installing a help tool like phpmyadmin or if you have littel skills on my sql to delete it by loging as root to mysql db throw the bench " bench mysql "

Same problem here… The invoice status is overdue despite that we’ve set payment entry for this specific invoice. Did this issue is solved someway?

Yes, forgot to update here. After some update there was a bug i suppose. Rounded total was enabled in sales settings. Uncheck that option and problem will gone.