BUG The resource not available

This problem I have been suffering from for a while
I finally found out that version frappe v14.12.0 It works without any problem
When I upgrade to version frappe v14.13.0
Problems start and error messages start to appear

When I try to edit a shortcut link
It shows me this warning

DocType not found
The resource you are looking for is not available

Error message in Terminal

"GET /api/method/frappe.desk.form.load.getdoctype?doctype=&with_parent=1&cached_timestamp=&_=1669568131029 HTTP/1.1" 404 -

The chart of accounts now appears in the form of a list, not a tree
There is no tree option when creating a shortcut to Doctype
Even if I upgrade to the latest version of Frappe, the problem persists

I have now reverted back to version and things are back to frappe v14.12.0
work without any errors

/apps/frappe$ git reset --hard "v14.12.0"

But as I said earlier the problem starts from version v14.13.0 and It continues in subsequent editions