(bug) Unable to attach files when creating lesson

Hi all

On course creation from the LMS portal, when clicked on upload:

There is no option of attaching the file.

This has been addressed in a Github issue too.

System Details:

Is this version specific?

Ok. I found in another github post that you need to be on develop branch (v14) for this to work.

@Jannat_Patel Is it possible to make it compatible for production version?

Also I think if it is added on the LMS github repo under pre-requisites and compatible versions would be great!

@nasir I’ve been facing the same error . a work around is to open the doctype list itself and add the file from there .

Thanks for your reply @bahaou .

But we have over 500 Course creators who are not very tech savvy. And the desk access is complicated for them.

Hi all,

So the solution is, LMS is only compatible for ERP and Frappe v15 and above.

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