Bug : Unable to stop production orders

Hi Guys ,

I am unable to stop the production orders created , upon clicking the stop button I am getting a message that the Production Order status is Stopped , but still it is in in-progress tried reloading and clearing cache several times. The console displays this message ,

This function ‘$c_obj’ has been deprecated and will be removed soon.

kindly help

Can you share the screenshot and also on what version are you on? This console message has nothing to do with your issue though.

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Many thanks for the reply @KanchanChauhan . I am on V7 beta , I have customized many standard modules of ERPNEXT and so I am not able to run bench update . Could you please guide me on how to achieve this client side scripting as I am familiar with java a little bit .

Thank you

Any help ?

Guys , any help would be a life saver . I am unable to stop the production order.

Guys any help ? How to stop the production order ? Which file should I edit to achieve this ?

Can you check if there is any error in the bench console? And also share screenshot of what happens when you click Stop.

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Hi @KanchanChauhan, many thanks for extending the help ,

Before I click the stop button ,

I stopped the production order 312,

No errors in the console , when I click stop button ,

and I got a dialog box telling ,

but then , after stopping the production order , I came out and cleared cache (refreshed) but still you could see the production status is still unchanged it is in inprocess .

Kindly help.


Probably the status is not being updated in the list view but as in functionality I believe it worked fine. Can you raise the github issue for the same, we will take a look.

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Sure . Thanks for the help . But anyway I am in v7 beta as I customized standard modules , I will not be able to update when this is fixed . Any advise ? I checked the production order.py file , everthing was okay. Which file should I check for errors ?