Bug v7.2.27: Invalid field used to sort/group: if(_relevance

All linked fields are giving error “Invalid field used to sort/group: if(_relevance” after updating. Tested on two different instances.

Earlier Version:
Installed Apps
ERPNext: v7.2.23
Frappe Framework: v7.2.19

New Version:
Installed Apps
ERPNext: v7.2.27
Frappe Framework: v7.2.25

We are having this trouble too. :frowning: All our link does not work

Sharing some artifacts
ERPNext: v7.2.27

Frappe Framework: v7.2.25

We also facing the same.

@nabinhait new update caused this

def validate_order_by_and_group_by_params(self, parameters, meta)

in my tests:

I printed parameters and the result is “if(_relevance, _relevance, 99999), idx desc, modified desc”
then variable field result is “if(_relevance”, so I guess there’s a problem with the splitting of parameters

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this worked for me

parameters = parameters.replace(“if(_relevance, _relevance, 99999),”,“”)

But I don’t know what this string for “if(_relevance, _relevance, 99999),” . Assuming that this string has a purpose

I made a PR

Thanks for the PR. But closed it as we have pushed another fix.