Bug with Checkbox in RTL

Good Day Everyone,

I am Using the Latest Version 11 of ERPNext, and I found a bug in the App when clicking on a Checkbox.
I found this bug when using the App in Arabic Language. I tried in other languages to see if this bug is happening with other languages as well, but only in Arabic language so far.

This is a Screen Shot:

I clicked on this checkbox, then this happens:

I need help solving this bug, please.
Hope these Screen Shots help.
Thank You.

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Here’s the Issue on GitHub:


To help clarify RTL refers to right to left language for eg Setting printing report direction from LTR to RTL

Also what DocType page views do you refer to here, the common English name please and is this the case for all checkboxes?

To check out and debug this -

“I clicked on this checkbox, then this happens:”

Before you click the checkbox (or other web client request to the server for eg save a page form etc), open a web browser console for eg Chrome Ctrl+Shift+I and inspect Console tab.

Look for an error traceback from the call request to render the result page in question?

I am facing the same problem!
It happens when I press the label text of checkbox, not the checkbox itself!

Nothing in the browser console and no error traceback