Bug with Price Rules and Point of Sales

ERPNext: v11.1.24 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.26 (master)
there are few urgent bugs that require attention:

Pricing Rule: On All Product Category, any sale of 2 or more gets a discount. My intention is to give any customer a 10% discount for buying more than one item, not buying two of the same item.

Case: I am selling two products (two rows). Water Bottle and Chewing Gum.

According to the pricing rules, both items should have received a 10% discount.

First Bug: The discount is only applied to a particular row in the POS. So for example if I buy two Water Bottles, then I get 10% off. Since I have applied the discount on product group, the system should count the totals of that product group in the invoice, rather than on a particular row.

Second Bug: Lets say I go ahead an buy 2 water bottles, the system takes the discount up to 10%. But I can reduce the quantity and the discount remains. It should have disappeared once I went down. If a cashier figures this out, they can increase the quantity to the desired amount, and then reduce it giving the customer the discount.

Can this be fixed?

There is a feature request/issue logged for something like this, but I don’t know what the progress is

It probably can, but you will likely have to contract a developer to fix it for you and then submit a Pull Request on GitHub to have it eventually fixed. The developers are evidently not doing anything to go back and fix bugs unless someone submits a PR with the fix already done.

(At least that is the response I got from @rmehta when I tried to get some attention on a v10 bug)

So even though v10 and v11 are supposedly still supported, that support is ONLY to include applying PRs that are already done and ready to merge. All of the Frappe team developers are evidently working on the new v12 stuff, but will merge bug fixes if they are provided by the community to v10 and v11.


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Based on the description I understand that you want to apply the pricing rule on the two items rather than one item. For example you have created pricing rule with qty as 2 and discount as 10% and In the POS you have selected two items each 1 qty then you want system should apply the pricing rule on both items because sum of quantity of both items is 2 which is similar to the pricing rule. Please correct me If I am wrong.
If this is the case which you wants to configure in the POS then you have to move you account from v11 to v12 because in v12 we have made lot of new changes in the pricing rule. We have added mixed conditions where system will always checks more than one items quantity to apply the pricing rule. V12 is not yet stable and we are fixing the issue on a high priority.

Thanks Rohit for your response. In that case do you have an idea of timeframe for the release of V12? Are we talking about few months or next year? Because I would probably try to fix the error in V11 and submit a PR.


@Abhishek_Shah There is not yet offical date is declared to release v12 in the stable branch. If you want you can move your account to v12 using the develop branch.
Again this is not an issue, this is a new feature request which is already done in v12. Even if you want to add in v11 then you have to make lot of changes in the core files. So better you move your account to v12

Ok great. Since this is the first time I will be doing a PR on ERPNext, which branch should I fork? Staging hasn’t been updated since Jan '19. And Develope is for V12 from what I read.

Can you help me out with this?


The hotfix branch where we are pushing the fixes of the v11. Where as for v12 we are using the branch develop.

Great Thanks!