Bugfixes - procedure = PR > hotfix > master?

Continuing the discussion from [bug] "You do not have enough permissions to access this resource":

just for my general understanding (with the linked topic as an example) how bugfixes are applied to the master branch

First of all the workflow is

  1. someone creates a fix on a ‘myfix’ branch (which can be anywhere. On the main erpnext repository or any fork) and sends a PR to the main hotfix branch
  2. a maintainer (most likely an employee of Frappé pvt) accepts the fix and merges it to the hotfix branch
  3. hotfix' branch is mergerd into master` which then will make the fix available for everybody as soon you (or your cloud ERPNext provider of choice) update your ERPNext instance.

now, my question probably would be …

What is the common procedure of erpnext.com or cloude8.com or libracore.com (the only cloud ERPNext providers I am aware of) admins frequency of merging hotfix into master and applying such an update?"