Bugs; Emails not sent, bench backup only for 2 days, and subscription invoices not issued

Hello erpnext community,
the help from erpnext team is very much appreciated
i am facing three types of bugs since very long time despite upgrading version to latest one, but still those bugs persist.
1- Emails are stuck in queue , until i manually go to queue list and press send - this is troubling all auto report list … cannot find a root solution to this problem having read all related articles and replies to similar complaint .

2- Recently crontab bench backup does not store more than 2 days back , although same backup procedure used to backup without limits of days and/or times. this causes great concern regarding secured backups available in case of any cyber attacks where very recent backups might be useless and can cause great damage and severe interruptions to customers’ operations

3- Subscription plans invoices automatic issuing at the end of subscription period does not usually work properly and I have to switch to manual issuing of invoices !! tried several times over different customers and different preiod

the versions I am currently working with are
ERPNext: v13.22.1 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.22.0 (version-13)