BUGS - The latest version has critical bugs in HRM Module

There are three encountered bugs in the HRM Module.


The Salary slip created for employees is not picking the links like designation, branch & department. Even though these are specifically mentioned in the Salary Slip Format (Print Format) yet these links are not being picked by the system


The system is not creating Salary Slip for one of the employee. This is generally the last employee amongst the whole list of employees. I have checked every setting in the system and everything is fine with the last employee but it doesn’t work from Process Payroll.

If we add another employee then the last employee becomes second last employee and his salary slip is created but again the newly added (last) employee is missed out.


The default behavior for creating new employee has been changed in the latest version i.e. v7.1. The default employee number is EMP/00001 but when I create first employee in a fresh installation, it comes out as EMP/0001. And with the addition of second employee the series gets updated to default strong length and second employee is created as EMP/00002.

Though we can change this behavior by changing the Data default from the Naming Series by updating the series as EMP/.#### this will ensure that all employee are created in similar pattern however default behavior of the system should by default create records which are in sync with other.

Early resolution would be highly appreciated…


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@saurabh Thanks for reporting. Have you posted them on GitHub Issues Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub ?


Closing this thread, being addressed on github.