Build causes slow server?

I’d like to know if there are many people in the community with slow servers when upgrading due to the bench build command or any other command that triggers a yarn build?

If you have run into the problem, please could you provide a rough idea along the lines of:

  • Number of computer cpu cores, RAM and swap size?
  • What was affected, e.g. computer unresponsive, ssh stopped or failed, what other services were affected, website unresponsive?

I have a number of small VPS’s which work great until bench build --force is run, which then takes hours and the VPS becomes unresponsive until the build is finished. I have a solution, just wondering if other people have the same problem?

Usually bloated databases cause a slow build, this is the first time i’ve heard of this particular scenario. Furthermore running the site in development mode also significantly slows it down as opposed to production mode. I’m running a bench instance with multiple sites running simultaneously on digitalocean with a 4core/8 gb ram server and it runs flawlessly

I have never seen bench build take hours. The longest build time I remember was (maybe) 3 minutes. Usually less than 1 minute.

It should restore built assets

--force causes local build

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This is a 10MB database running in production mode on 1 core, 2GB with 2GB swap. I’m not surprised you don’t have an issue with 4 cores and 8GB

That’s why I stipulated --force. Currently there are files missing on the restored assets for v13.