Build-docs command not working

Installed Apps
Frappe Framework: v12.0.17 (version-12)
Meeting: v0.0.1 (master)

below command show me an error:

frappe@LAPTOP-5F23F7J8:~/frappe-bench$ bench --site build-docs meeting current $PWD/docs/meeting
Usage: bench frappe [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…
Try “bench frappe --help” for help.

Error: No such command “build-docs”.

Any advice please?

Note : I am following steps from Session 8: Pushing to Git and Docs on youtube (Session 8: Pushing to Git and Docs - YouTube)


it looks like command build-docs deprecated in V12 any one can put light on this topic,


So, if we’ve been asked to document our PR contribution, how are we supposed to make sure it looks okay before we submit the docs PR? Seems strange to remove useful functionality…

Docs now are standard PR to following repositories

I know where the repos are thanks. The point is everything should be tested before submission. If we can’t build the docs… :man_shrugging:

Those are frappe apps, if you create 2 sites locally with those apps installed, those will run with “bench start”

I think at the time of bench build docs the sites were not frappe sites. They were static sites on GitHub pages.

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Ah okay, for some reason it wasn’t updating, so I was looking for a way to build the .md files to templates… Seems to be working now, maybe it needs a cache clear… :+1:

build-docs is still in the latest documentation

FYI, I’ve attempted to remove the documentation, since this feature is deprecated.

I was able to edit the page. But not remove it entirely. Probably requires elevated permissions to do that? :man_shrugging: