Build With Hussain presents: Work Hours with Faris Ansari!

Introducing a new Live stream series in Build With Hussain YouTube channel, courtesy of @netchampfaris !!

Join me and Faris live every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday as we work together on Frappe UI, Gameplan and more.

In the first stream (S1E1), we implemented the new Gameplan design for a screen and also tackled a tricky decision about implementing a Tab/Button group component :v:t3:

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Upcoming streams:


Next Up on Work Hours with Faris Season 1

This week me and Faris are going to refactor FrappeUI’s resource manager! Also, new time: 9:30PM IST!

Here the links to the next 3 episodes of the live streams, don’t forget to subscribe for more!

Come join us, to see the work happen :grin:!

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