Building an app over frappe framework - with other lang support

I am using Frappe Framework to try building my app and I have created a basic doctype following the tutorial. I have to upload a sheet file, parse the cell values in the sheet, and build some web forms using the values in the sheet. I am using Go Library excelize to manipulate my sheets. Is it possible to try integrating the go code over the frappe framework? Any guidance or help docs regarding this would be useful. I tried digging into the frappe framework tutorial but I couldn’t find out.

Do you mean, Having the list of fields to be created in the excel sheet and then the app should create the fields in a form automatically based on the same? Like a DocType Builder?

We have a solution similar to this created which help us while implementation of Frappe/ERPNext at different Places

yes this helps. Do you use API to create Doctype in this case?