Building Country Specific COA

I am trying to build country specific chart of accounts from but when clicking the link to create new COA, the link is not working

hi @djkazi, this is a bug, I’ve already reported it a few days ago.

I take the opportunity to ask @nabinhait if there is any news.

Ok thanks

Would you mind sharing the github issue id here.

as we are at it … here is another issue that I had created some days ago about not being able to edit an existing chart cant edit existing CoA · Issue #18 · frappe/chart_of_accounts_builder · GitHub

The fact the tool is not working entirely may be a reason there are so many charts stil unfinished (and therefore not working )

hi @ArundhatiS, The issue is was taken in the todolist for @nabinhait here COA sync with ERPNEXT - #6 by nabinhait

Thanks @vrms, do not issue issue since they answered that they had taken it as task.

Hi @nabinhait , any notice for this?


I haven’t heard Anything

Sorry, for delayed reply and for the fact that we could not manage time to fix it yet. But I ensure you that it must be be fixed within 2-3 days.

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Just pushed a fix. Will be resolved on deploy.

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hi @pratu16x7! i have this issue Cannot fork chart of accounts - #3 by federico_calvo, that is related to this thread.

hi @nabinhait and @pratu16x7. This issue is not resolved yet.

New issue post here:

it is very important for new CoA or edited.



Apologies for the delay, the fix I pushed wasn’t complete. It is now, and will be released soon.

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