COA sync with ERPNEXT

I would like to know when the COA (chart of accounts) integrate with the version of ERPNEXT.
In our case, we see that COA Argentina has 4 stars, but still can not be selected within ERPNEXT.

Is there something we are understanding wrong?

Thank you!!

@federico_calvo thanks for the reminder!

@nabinhait how frequently do we integrate COA?

The chart of accounts for Argentina is not verified by anyone. That’s why it is not included in the product. Can you please verify the COA? Please check the help page for the details of the process.

@rmehta We get an email when anyone submit a verified chart. Then after testing we include it in the product.

@nabinhait thanks,now I understand.

Is posible the is working well? I am login and fork de COA, but not found.I have two forks but it does not allow me to do any action.

Can you check it?


PD: @rmehta thanks for response!

Hi @nabinhait, any notice for this issue?

It seems strange to me that there are no other claims on this, so I do not know if I’m doing something wrong. I am logged in and trying to modify a fork to submit.


The issue is on my todo list, will check into it soon.

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