Building Franchise Model on ERPNEXT

  1. We’re looking for Multiple POS profile setup, each profile with it’s own PAYTM Settings Setup as each franchise company will be different
  2. Loyalty Program should be used by all companies in erpnext, and expense account should be of the franchiser.
  3. Master Customer Database is already in ERPNEXT
  4. POS System should auto select batch number while billing customer
  5. Customer creation should be easy from POS, main options to fill should be name email phone number.
  6. Verify phone number using otp should be one of the option
  7. Stock management of franchise companies should be easily be managed by franchiser

These above points are problems faced when we have only 1 franchise , we’re looking forward for to opening more than 10 franchise in India in next 1 year.

I believe in ERPNEXT because it’s open source and can be easily customisable and I hope someday we can work with ERPNEXT to make it more smooth to new customers please help.

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Let each franchisee use their own ERPNext Instance Independently and setup the Event Streaming to get their sales and stock data in your ERPNext instance.

This way you can use the ERPNext without any customization.

For more information on event streaming read this : Event Streaming

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This is actually a good solution, but I think issues regarding centralized loyalty program, and also if a customer places order on our website, We’re planning to deliver them from the nearest store, So solutions to these problems are also needed.
Also setting up ERPNEXT for each franchise store will be quite tedious and will increase maintenance it’ll make the work difficult rather than being easy.

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