Building Multiple modules/Application and integrating it with ERPnext

I’m thinking of choosing between two options for building and integrating multiple custom applications into the existing ERPnext

  1. should I build them inside ERpnext (like by running the script “cd new-app”) or
  2. should I build them as external applications and integrate them with ERpnext

you can build custom apps in two ways:

→ Use the Frappe framework to create custom apps directly within ERPNext. This makes it easy to add or change features and ensures everything works together smoothly.
→ Build your apps separately and connect them to ERPNext using APIs. This gives you more flexibility but may require extra work to make sure everything integrates well.


thank you for your time @NCP
which is the best optimal way?
planning to build 20+ custom modules

Creating a custom app is better and you can also manage the multiple modules in one custom app according to the scenario.

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