#BuildWithHussain Collab Month Begins ✨

Hey Everyone :wave:t3:

5 Wednesdays.
5 Frappe Team Members.
5 Awesome Episodes.

Next month, each episode I will be joined by one of my awesome teammates where we will learn/build together! Register here to stay notified: https://buildwithhussain.dev

We are kicking off The Collab Month with @ankush taking us one level deep into Frappe Framework’s internals:

Livestream Link

We have an exciting lineup of collaboration episodes this month:

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I just watched the recent “the most technical” episode with Ankush.
Thank you a lot, both of you!

While not everything was easy to understand
(due to some audio quality problems of the transmission, being unused to your pronounciation, and very fast screen switching),
I got a good overview about some basic things which mystified me before – now the bigger picture of basic processes became much easier to understand and some actions easier to locate.
Also, I got the impression that some things I formerly appreciated as “complicated” are actually rather simple, once you got such an overview.

Useful videos!