#BuildWithHussain Ep.10: Online Doctor Appointment Booking Web App with Frappe!

In tomorrow’s episode of #BuildWithHussain, I will be building an online doctor appointment booking web portal, live!

We will be solving a real problem for my city, currently the public has to call the specific clinic, get a queue number and visit the clinic at a specific time, and until they visit, they have no visibility on what is the current queue number, whether the Doctor is IN or not. This can save a lot of time, for a lot of people!

We are going to use Frappe Framework to build a web portal that solves these problems. Hope you see you there!


Where can i download previous videos?

Hey :wave:

Check out this playlist: [#BuildWithHussain](#BuildWithHussain #BuildWithHussain - YouTube)

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Ended up doing 2 BONUS episodes for the Appointment portal:

Episode 10B: TDD, Cool hack for Dynamic Success page for after web form, wired up a Scheduled Job, workspace, and more!

Episode 10C: More Features, Automated transactional SMS sending with Twilio and deployment to Frappe Cloud!

Also, you don’t forget to catch Episode 11 tomorrow: