Bulk Add Text Box for POS and PO screens


I am new to the forum and new to ERPnext. I have some questions:

  1. I am wondering if there is any customization available where you can bulk add data and it will populate in the POS form and load the data. The idea would be to scan 10-20 barcodes into a text box and then hit add, this will add the items to the POS and will give us the total. We have over 100K skus in our DB and from my reading the POS takes anywhere from 1-5 seconds to load a product.

  2. Same idea on the PO creation screen, except rather then scan in a barcode, we would just copy and base text from a excel sheet, and then the items would be generated in the PO form to be ordered. If we have to order 100-200 skus on a PO, it does not make sense to manually enter each sku and qty 1 by 1.

  3. Does the POS screen support network POS printers?

  4. I am from Canada, how does ERPnext handle all the different taxes in the provinces does it integrate with 3rd party software like Avalara or is it robust enough to configure for each province?

I can say yes to Q3. The taxes and changes template can be customised for Q4. There are unlimited ways to create taxes.

Q1&Q2 sound like you would need some customisation, including getting a faster hardware + better network. 100k rows is not that much these days. :slight_smile:

Hello Deepak,

Thanks for the answers, isn’t ERPnext only something you can install on the cloud, especially if your using multi location. The server I will run will be quite beefy and robust, my budget for the server is $500/month minimum so I don’t have issues on specs of the server. Or can you install the POS locally where it would sync back to the cloud?

I did see a “online” button in this mock up http://poserpnext.bitballoon.com/ apparently it was to be integrated but I do know if this has been pushed up in a release yet.

Do you know of anyone who has done this kind of customization to the POS?

Your Q1 should be solved if this pull request merges which scans item instantly and not to wait 1 or 2 seconds.

Pos scanner fix by revant · Pull Request #10547 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I see the online button momentarily…something to do with CSS or format. In any case. Sorry to ask : What is http://poserpnext.bitballon.com ?