Bulk Import of Currency Exchange Records

while trying to insert records via bench data-import i get the following error
" frappe.exceptions.ValidationError: Invalid or corrupted content for import"

the complete command i am using is
bench --site site1.local data-import --file /opt/bench/currencies/test.csv --doctype ‘Currency Exchange’ --type Insert

the used csv file imports without any issues via “Web Data Import” and has the header
Date,From Currency,To Currency,Exchange Rate

I am on up-to-date Version 14

Any ideas what i am doing wrong ?

same as me. I have problem with that

1- Create Data Import and Save
2- Upload your file (you will see the file_url once the file attached, you will use it next)
3- bench --site site1.local data-import --file /private/files/test.csv --doctype ‘Currency Exchange’ --type Insert

Didn’t work either…
No glue why but after upgrading from V14 to V15 the issue disappered and the thing is working like its supposed to…

Don’t know how often i created a new bench, reinstalled on different linux versions… V14 always refused to run batch imports