Bulk import of quotation items from Excel sheet

hi i am still learning frappe framework and getting acquainted with erpnext , so please bear with me if the question is too basic.
I want to add button in Quotation form be able to import data from excel sheet. The user should be allowed to choose the tab and cell range to select item , quantity from the excel in simple text box.

I am trying to figure out if can do this in erpnext with just custom scripts and custom forms. I would want to use sheejs .

how can i add sheetjs dependency in forms. Also how can i create a pop up at the click of a button where the user can give these values. If there is similar use case someone had implemented and can share steps and sample code this would be great help!!.

No need for custom script to import data.
Make sure you have sufficent permission for data import or enable permission for data import.
Go to menu and select import → New Data Import → Download Template → Fill the Document and upload.


@rk_root one key requirement is to be able to parse excel file in non standard template.
The format in which request is received from customer can be in any format.

seems you are requesting this

Only standard template is advisable for uploading data.

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@rk_root is there any reason why Excel sheet is not supported in erpnext. One of the key requirement is to ease the pain of various excel sheets formats we receive from multiple customers requesting for a quote. Before going ahead to customize just wanted to check if there are any known issues why we are going through the route of converting an excel sheet to csv everytime to import.

Excel sheet is supported, but must adhere to a standard format - if the sheet is formatted correctly, you do not have to convert it to CSV

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