Bulk insert / update item prices

Hi all!

We’re currently migrating to ERPNext from another tool used for procurement.

We have the items imported, but not their prices.

Am I right in this thinking about how to insert / update the item prices please? (I used this similar topic to get to this process)

  1. Export Items & item prices as csv
  2. Copy items into item prices csv (leave all other fields blank / default)
  3. In item prices csv, copy prices for each item from previous procurement tool export
  4. Upload item prices csv (with actual prices)

What am I missing please?

Thanks in advance,


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Rather than exporting the existing items to a CSV, updating that and then uploading, I think you need to click on the Download Template button in the top right corner of the Data Import page. This will download a CSV file that contains certain header information and where records begin at a certain line. Take the data from your exported file and copy paste it into the template at correct line, which says “Start entering data below this line”.

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Ah yes! Thanks @replaceablehead - good to be specific on using the template!

I’ll need to use the template for the item prices, right?

This is because this artefact will be re-uploaded with the price data.

Thanks again!


I used the items template in my screen shots, that’s just because I happened to be doing an import of my own at the time. I’m sure item prices has a similar template.

Excellent, thanks @replaceablehead - yep, that is the case :+1:

This process created duplicate item prices for those prices which were updated.

Our expectation was that the item price itself would be updated, not a new item price created.

Investigation continues…