Bulk Leave Policy Assignment

Hey guys, since version 13, the leave policy assignment has now been transferred to its own doctype. However, i need to assign different sets of leave policies to different employees based on their tenures. I have created the different policies but find the assignment an inconvenience ever since it was moved out of employee doctype. This poses a challenge to do so because there is no data import tool I can use to map per employees. Do you guys have any suggestion how to go about this?

I am assigning leave policy for all employees in leave period. I will need to do this every year and I’m not sure what the best route is that is efficient and effective.

On the list view of Leave Policy Assignment doctype, you will find a button called Bulk Leave Policy Assignment. Have you used that?

Yes, tried this and it is not very helpful since the table for selection is quite small and my filter rules are a bit more complicated.

Anyone has any idea how I can solve this?

Hi @Andrew_Kho

Did you find any solution to this ?

When I try this option (V13), I get js console error. So cannot do bulk upload either. Is anyone facing this issue?

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at window.strip_html (common.js:111)
at frappe.ui.Dialog.get_values (field_group.js:89)
at frappe.ui.Dialog.evaluate_depends_on_value (layout.js:522)
at frappe.ui.Dialog.refresh_dependency (layout.js:472)
at frappe.ui.Dialog.refresh (layout.js:231)
at frappe.ui.Dialog.make (field_group.js:23)
at frappe.ui.Dialog.make (class.js:53)
at frappe.ui.Dialog.make (dialog.js:49)
at new frappe.ui.Dialog (dialog.js:18)
at frappe.ui.form.MultiSelectDialog.make (multi_select_dialog.js:41)