Bulk Payment Reconciliation

Is there any way to reconcile payments in bulk? One of our accounts hasn’t been properly maintained and there are currently 1500+ open payments nad 1200+ open invoices on the system which causes it to lag whenever new invoices/payments need processing.

I can’t see a way to download/upload the payments and it doesn’t appear to be importable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


For now, there is no Bulk Payment Reconciliation option. GitHub Issue is created for the same.


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Any update on this ??

Typically, the way we’d do reconciliation (in ERPnext)
a. Create all the invoices/JVs/Expense claims for the month
a. Upload bank Statement (use data import). Do not ‘submit’
b. Walk through the bank entries and do one of three things:

  • I. Knock it off against an invoice/expense claim/
  • II. Create a new entry - Bank charges are a good example
    -III. In some cases charges get reversed, ie two entries cancel each other out. I am still exploring if that’s possible. Especially, if the two entries cross periods.

This is a manual process.

What I would like is:

  1. When I create a JV etc from the bank statement - I want some of the fields to be pre-populated. That would be a huge time saver. Reference/Date/Posting Date - all can be defaulted to the transaction date on the bank statement.
  2. Ideally, it should go to the quick entry screen. It seems to go into the full page edit mode.

Bank Recon is a heavily time-consuming task. If we can speed up data entry, it would help a lot

Come to think of it, a button next to each row (on the bank transaction report) to select/create a new document would be nice.

We created a custom app for this [ GitHub - satishvijayan/cspl_accounting_tweaks ].

Essentially the process flows for bank reco are as follows.

a. three custom fields are added to the ‘Company’ - ‘Default Customer for bank transaction’, Default Supplier for Bank Transaction’ and ‘Default Mode of Payment’. Since we cannot create a payment or JV without some default values.

b. Upload the bank transactions using data import tool. This creates all of the un-reconciled entries. Make sure that there is a value for ‘Reference’ and Description in the upload

c. Open the individual bank transaction. In the ‘Payment Entries’ section a new button ‘create document’ has been added. Select the Document type ‘payment entry’, ‘journal entry’ (so for only two supported)

d. Click on the ‘Create Document’ Button. Either a Payment or a JV is automatically created with defaults. Edit the values.:
for payment you would select the correct party type.

e. For JV - you would have to select the correct account - (say ‘bank charges’, or ‘other income’)

d. for payments, scroll down to the ‘Reference Section’. Here you can select the invoice against which the payment is to be knocked off.

This saves some time because a lot of the fields are pre-populated. We are testing this out in our organization as we speak.

We have to test out our use-cases. So far ledger entries etc look ok.

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Any update bank statements on bulk automation on payments (v.13) after uploading.