Bulk Renaming Customers: Doesn't change the document name

When using the Bulk Rename tool on customers, it doesn’t change the document name, which is its ID. It actually only changes the column called customer_name, so basically the customer’s full name. But I want to Bulk Rename the actual document name.

Does this work as intended? Because I though the Bulk Rename tool is exactly for renaming document names (so changing their IDs).

Is there a workaround for this or another elegant solution to actually Bulk Rename the customers ID’s?

If I understand you correctly you want to alter the field that ErpNext uses as a unique record identifier.

Other records, like invoices for example, refer to the Customer’s unique identifier. If you change it then all those invoices will be left referring to a non-existent customer.

This can be done, but only by an exhaustive process of updating every record that refers to the customer.

Is that really what you need to do?

The Bulk Renaming tool, if I understand that correctly, would normally do exactly that. It would rename the actual record identifier, but it would do that in all the related records as well (those that would normally be Foreign Keys, but not in ERPNext’s case – here the ORM is taking care of FKs / related records).

Because if I go and rename a Customer manually, like going into the Customer’s form on ERPNext and klick on its name to open the rename dialog, the user gets properly renamed inlucding its record identifier. Exactly like I want it. But somehow not in the Bulk Rename tool.

Ok. I have never actually used that. Just wanted to clarify, in case you were a less knowledgeable user.