Bulk selection of income account for sales invoice


I often need to use different sales accounts depending on the country I’m selling to. My problem is that I have to select and change the sales account for each item in the invoice and that gets rather tedious and leaves room for error. is there a way to define the sales account by the customer? Or maybe an option like we have for tax rules but for sales regions instead? This way I could just choose that the sale is an export out of the EU and it would use the appropriate sales account.

I imagine a custom script might help but I don’t have much experience with that. I feel like this must be a common problem and someone must have come up with a solution?


Dear owen,

Did you try to play with Customer>Accounting>Accounts table? (i haven’t been try that) it might solve your problem if it’s not you have to write a script related to tax rules/region field for change sales accounts to your items.

Unfortunately you can’t put income accounts in the Customer accounts table. I think I might be stuck scripting it.