Bulk Statement of Account

So I use ERPNext hosted in Frappe cloud (which is awesome) and we used the Process Statement of Accounts to send bulk statements. The problem with this feature is rather simple, as it does not print a letter head nor does it exclude cancelled entries. This seemed like a simple thing to fix…at first. After many hours of trying to fix it and after employing a freelancer i am confronted with the reality that there are seemingly significant limitations when customizing from the UI. I cant get to the server to make any changes and now I am completely stuck after lots of time and money. yet the problem is soooooo simple (i think). It is clear, that when I create account statements using the general ledger report, it gives me exactly what I want and how I want it. When I use the newly created feature for creating bulk statement the print setting are all overridden and I end up with pdf statement with no letterhead and cancelled entries. I have read all the threads regarding how people exported into excel and used other apps to send statements but don’t think this is necessary with the new feature. Can some please help me in how I can solve this simple problem or at least help me get the code, to solve this problem, deployed on the server. Or even better … PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just make the minor changes to the original code to allow the default print settings to be used or for the user to select the settings. I have to send statements again to 850 customers in a few days and i really would like it to look more professional, Your help will be immensely appreciated.


Is there are any solutions for this case?? If you reach any way please told me.